Tuesday, July 26, 2011

How not to get time to write, or starting a family all over again!

I plan my writing time carefully. Between the 'must-do' things like feed a hungry husband to pay bills, everything is all planned out.

But not last month. Let me tell you a 'sad' story.

On one Saturday morning four weeks ago, my husband went out to the shed to feed our outside critters and came back inside to tell me he thought there were two kittens in the shed. Our outside cats can't have kittens so there should have been no little guys in our shed. Our second son, who lives close by, stopped to visit and upon learning about the sighting, took a flashlight and went to investigate. Oh, yes, there were kittens in the shed, but not two. Nope, there were four.

The next morning, early, (seven am), he knocked on the back door to announce he had captured the kittens who could not live in that shed. It seems the shed is visited frequently by the kind of animals who would not spare the lives of those kittens. And neither my son, nor my husband, and if truth be told, me too, could not see the little ones become a meal for some nasty creature.

To make a long story short, we now have a huge dog crate in our living room, and every morning, noon and night I have four little guys to feed and play with so they become socialized. (Vet's suggestion) Now I have no time to write, to feed my hungry husband or laundry, or all those other things I have to make time for. I'm down on the floor taking care of four kittens.

The upshot - I feel like I've started a new family again! At least we found homes for three of the little darlings. I guess we'll keep the fourth one. Everyday I wonder when I can get back to the business of seriously writing. Anyone want a kitten?


January Bain said...

That was very nice of you! My husband is very "soft" about animals too and there is a bird's nest still with wee ones in it on the side of the garage, and he was trying to put a new roof on that very garage, but figured a way to work around them and come back to that spot later!