Friday, December 3, 2010

Special Little Words

Michael W. Davis

Funny how little insignificant words can be so special with people you care for. They pale in comparison to the phrases of the kings and queens of the literary world that mold words into beautiful imaginary, like; “They where the best of times, they were the worst of times,” or “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn,” or my favorite “All these memories will disappear like tears in rain when I’m gone.”

No, its unlikely people like you and I will sculpt and carve such verbal art, yet there are rare moments in each of our lives when words are offered that take on monumental statue on a personal level. They are so special that as the years progress, images of those moments revisit us again and again. I was listening to the radio a few weeks back and a DJ said something that immediately flashed me back to a special moment thirty years ago when my first boy was just a little thing.

I had just come home, grabbed a soda, and walked into the TV room to chill for thirty minutes in my favorite chair. My older son was home from elementary school and had focused intently on some show so I figured I’d let him and his younger brother finish before I started our “Daddy’s home” routine interaction. The channel was playing an old movie with Spenser Tracey and Mickey Rooney; I think it was called Boys Town. It’s a story about the real Boys Town and the hard times for the lost children of that generation which were cast aside by society. I had sipped my drink about half way when I felt a small hand on my shoulder, and the following eternal moment transpired.

“Hard day, Dad? You look tired.”
“No, Son, but I’m glad to be home.”
He glanced back at the screen and added, “You know, a lot of people have it hard.”
I looked up at the movie still playing on the screen and without explanation; I knew the essence of his message. “Yes, unfortunately, they do.”
“But not us, we’re lucky.”
I through he was referring to the fact that we had a home, food on the table, and a warm bed, but as I often did, I wanted him to learn how to articulate abstract concepts so I asked, “Why’s that, Little Buddy?”
He cocked his head, and expressed the obvious, “Because we have each other.” Then he smiled and I melted inside. Back then, I was better able to control the rain than I am today, but it still took a moment for my heart to stop fluttering. I put my magazine down and noted, “You’re a very astute young man, you know that?”
He shrugged his shoulders and offered casually, “I guess so.”
I stroked his arm, “I love you, Son.”
Before returning his attention to the TV, he concluded, “You too, Dad.”

I’m often asked if events in my life, like the one above, appear in my writing, and the answer is Yes. All that I just stated was absolutely true and has stayed with me through these years. I’m not sure if my son remembers that unique moment, and his special little words, but I will take them with me through eternity.

See ya in four weeks.

Big Mike
Michael W. Davis (
Author of the year, 2008

Blind Consent, “The answers are buried in the secrets of the past.”
Forgotten Children, “Only Sara knows the truth.”
Tainted Hero, “Sometimes good people do bad things.”
The Treasure, “A lonely heart can impair one’s judgment.”
Veil of Deception, “Sometimes the truth cuts deeper than a lie.”


Rhobin said...

You are right, and so often those special words spring spontaneously from the moment.

Big Mike said...

I get a lot of them now that my Grand daughter is only 50 minutes away (g).

Mike Davis

June Kramin said...

Nice. I love how those around me inspire my writing & don't even know it :)
Jealous on the granddaughter. I only have granddogs right now :/