Saturday, November 20, 2010

You'll Never Guess What's Illegal!

Did you know, It is illegal to play checkers in public? That’s a law in Lacrosse, Wisconsin. Is there something about the game checkers I don’t know, or understand? Maybe the folks in Lacrosse were playing strip checkers in the street.

Butter substitutes are not allowed to be served in state prisons. So, I pay my taxes and can’t afford real butter, but convicted felons with free room and board get real Land O Lakes or Grassland Dairy butter. Meanwhile I eat chemically induced, artificially flavored, tasteless, butter-like substitute. Hardly seems fair.

In Sun Prairie Wisconsin, Cats are forbidden from entering cemeteries. Really? Has there been a big rush of people taking their cats to visit deceased relatives in the cemetery? I want to know what the police officer did to get demoted to standing guard at the cemetery to issue fluffy a ticket.

My favorite law still on the books is from Racine Wisconsin. Missiles may not be shot at parade participants. So, I’m wondering if it’s legal to shoot missiles at the spectators. Do they have a big problem with missiles being launched at the Miss Racine float as the girls are waving princess style…elbow, elbow, wrist, wrist?

In my action thriller, BOLT ACTION from Champagne Books, Detective Leslie Bolt would never have participated in a Miss Racine pageant. She is a tough talking, gun hording, motorcycle riding investigator. After a childhood of abuse suffered at the hands of her father, Leslie stashes a collection of pistols, revolvers, and even keeps a Browning A-Bolt Stalker Rifle in her broom closet. She is stand-offish and down right rude and having to work a serial murder case with her handsome ex-lover, Detective Lance Kestler doesn’t improve her disposition.

Is the “State Quarter Killer” taunting police? As the body count mounts, Leslie begins to fall for the sexy medical examiner Jack Donington. Detective Bolt’s brash disposition begins to soften. Perhaps a couple of Harley’s, paint drumming to music, and a new romance can help Detective Bolt conquer her own demons from the past to solve the “State Quarter Case”.

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Jude Johnson said...

Maybe it's okay to fire missiles at the parade organizers? OR at prisoners with tubs of real butter!

It's amazing some of the stupid laws that get passed and stay on the books for decades.

Thanks for a fun post, Victoria!

Jude Johnson

Big Mike said...

Have you ladies not seen the sex laws across the states that outlaw so many different things. Lord am I in trouble.

Michael Davis (
Author of the year (2008 & 2009)

June Kramin said...

In Park Rapids, MN it is illegal to cross the street with a duck on your head. I found out the hard way :/
(Not really - but that law is still on the books!) I win ;)