Monday, November 1, 2010

Writing Mile-markers

Recently, I came across a landmark happening in my novel-writing career. It wasn't my first rejection, acceptance or first glimpse of my cover art.

It was writing my first gay character.

This might not seem like all that much of a feat, but it is for me. I'm a lesbian, who only seems to write straight characters - or did, up until last week. My ex-girlfriend-turned-best-friend has a problem where reading a straight couple 'getting it on' (her words) makes her physically sick.

Kinda makes it hard to have my target audience (IE, her) read through my stories and check if they're any good, when she gets sick as soon as the main characters start flirting.

So I figured that I would write a story for her. 25 000 words later, at 10pm on October 31st, 2 hours before NaNo was due to start, I finished the first draft of Tamir and Vidar's love story. Two gay lovers - one in-denial gay human, one openly-gay, closeted-vampire, locked within a false kidnapping charge, dumb-as cops and an insane asylum, culminating in Vidar and Tamir fleeing the country.

So, that's one more thing to cross of my list of writing mile-markers. What mile-markers can you guys see on the horizon? And how close are you to achieving them?


Becka said...

Can I ask an ignorant question from a het author, tho? I really don't mean to offend, this was just the first thing that popped into my head...

If m/f makes your partner sick, is your gay couple m/m? How would that not make your partner sick too, if she's attracted to women? I understand the theme is now gay, which is great as something in common with you and your partner, but the mechanics of a m/m love scene very closely resembles a m/f love scene. So I'm confused. lol

Again, please take no offense, I think it's very brave and adventurous to finally take your first step into gay romance!