Friday, November 12, 2010

Writing From Your Soul

Sometimes I don't honestly 'love' to write. Sometimes writing is a job, a chore--something I have to do. I think that can be true for all of us, no matter how much we love what we do. There are times when we get stuck, fall into a rut, or find ourselves up against a deadline and without a fresh thought.

The challenge in these times is get past the roadblock or over the hurdle and move forward. I've discovered during those times I often need a boost to get over the wall. Yes, I resort first to chocolate. While it gives me a sugar buzz, it doesn't do that much for my brain power. Besides, writing is about more than using the brain. It's about tapping into the deeper parts of ourselves.

I've discovered that other forms of art can serve as a means of getting me refocused and keeping me focused on my work in progress. I have at least two songs that I identify with each of my books. The lyrics fall into the same theme as the story and, when I get stuck, will help to get me back on track. I have artwork around me that fits with the themes in my writing and that pull my focus back into my story.

For example, my book Shooting Into the Sun is about a young woman who has developed impenetrable boundaries around herself to keep from being hurt. The song that carried me through that book is Taking Chances by Celine Dion. I think it should be used as the credits roll when this book is made into a movie. (Hey, you've gotta believe!) As I wrote my current release, Love, Sam, a story that deals with loss and grief, a Karla Bonoff song--Goodbye, My Friend--played an important role.

I think my muse was a musician in her former life. Or it could be that I'm connecting with my own background as a musician. Music and art speak to my soul. And writing is soul work.
What touches your soul and keeps you focused?

Linda Rettstatt


Ashley Barnard said...

Music touches my soul too. And I have a whole volume of "end credit" songs. : )