Thursday, November 4, 2010

Vampires And The Next Generation Of Writers

I spent last week with my ten year old niece. My niece is big into the vampire/werewolf thing (thanks to Twilight and Harry Potter and the various kiddie knock-offs on the Disney channel). As we carved the vampire pumpkin she designed, we contributed rounds on a story about vampire vegetables and zombie pets. The creative ideas she brought to the story were amazing.

The next morning, inspired, she woke up at the crack of dawn and handwrote me a story three pages long. It had vampires and magic spells and an epic battle scene. She tells me she's going to be a writer. I told her she already was a writer. Her goal will be to earn a living with her writing.

THIS is the next generation of writers. These kids are growing up surrounded by imaginary worlds. They've seen trains fly and mythical creatures and know that anything and everything is possible.

If you write young adult, you're already writing for these readers. If you write adult fiction, you'll be writing for them in ten years or less. It is daunting but it is also exciting. It is time to step up our game. These readers demand it.


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