Sunday, November 21, 2010

Protect the writing

Your child comes home from school with news that you’ve been elected to bake 165 cupcakes by tomorrow because you were the only “Mom who didn’t work.”
Your neighbor asks you to watch her elderly mother for the next three days while she goes out of town, because “You’re home all day”.
Your husband doesn’t understand why you can’t have the house immaculate, cook a gourmet dinner every night, be a raging wild woman in the sack with energy left to spare to fix the guys a six-course snack during halftime because…well, “You have all day to rest if you’re tired”.
Protect the writing.
What does that mean? If you’re ever going to make a decision to write seriously for publication, you have to protect your work time. We all know that writing is a full time job and until we learn to put our foot down, we’ll never get the work done.
Writing is a job in which you have to protect the time that you have. If you set a goal to write from seven to nine each night, then everyone in your life who poses a risk to robbing you of this time must be informed that you are taking this seriously and you are simply unavailable during these two hours.
Protect the writing.
What do you say to the head of the PTA who asked that you attend two meetings per week? “I’m sorry, but I must work those nights. My writing is my job, and while I may not be earning money right now, I am making an investment in my business by working at a set time.”
Protect the writing.
The spouse who doesn’t understand? “Just because I don’t have an outside office, I clock in at such-and-such time just like you.”
Protect the writing.
Little Timmy and Susie who profess that you must solve their argument over who’s turn it is to run the remote? Hang up the “Unless your bleeding, do not disturb” sign.
Protect the writing.
Oh, and don’t forget to be good to yourself too. I recommend bubble baths.
Thanks for reading.
~ Nancy


Allison Knight said...

Great advice. I love the 'unless you're bleeding'. Seems I've heard that before.

Ashley Barnard said...