Sunday, November 7, 2010

How Famous?

It's funny to think about certain people & their level of fame & recognition. Whether or not they are writers, actors, or musicians, I'm sure everyone has their own ideas of when they "made it big".

I think it was Matthew Broderic who said he knew he made it when he became a McDonald's toy. Maybe this only comes to mind because I have the COMPLETE inspector gadget by my bed on a book stand. Yes, I'm still 12...

Singers become so famous, you know them by only 1 name. Madonna. Reba. Cher.

Some books that are best sellers get made into movies. Meyers, Niffenegger, etc. are now infamous. (You know - infamous. "I think it means more than famous." ~ Dusty Bottoms) [If you are not a three Amigo's fan - get outta my post ;) ]

Some authors are so famous in their fan's eyes, they have lunatics that want them to sign their boob.

If they are really a hit - you get a theme park. Yes, JK Rowling, bloody awesome.

Today, I was working on some wedding invitations at work & looking through the font "webdings" for a specific shape. I was kinda surprised to see one that was the Mona Lisa. How proud would DaVinci be, huh? "Look Michelangelo . I'm a webding and you're not. Nanner nanner nanner....."

I'm not into writing and being published so much for the recognition as the feeling I get when someone sends me 43 text messages while they read my book. "OMG! I love him for...." "You kill XXXX off - & I'll kill YOU!" "I never cry at romance! Damn you!" etc. There's no feeling like it. At that point, I've already "made it" in my book... and that's the only one that counts.

What would make you think "I made it!!" ?

June Kramin
Author - Paranormal Romance ~ Dustin Time


Linda Kage said...

I don't know. I think it's pretty exciting to go onto Amazon and be able to type in my name to find MY books.

But it'd be even more cool to walk to a bookstore, any ol bookstore and be able to find one of my stories on a shelf.

Julie Eberhart Painter said...

Delightful. You are so right about fame. I say, I'm famous when I don't know who is buying my books, just that are selling.


Ashley Barnard said...

June, I love your boob story! I think about regular people hit with fame a lot. Stephenie Meyer lives not too far away and I always think about she has to have security at her book signings. I have to agree with Linda; it's be awesome to walk into a bookstore and see my books on a table or shelf. But I'll gladly take your 43 text messages. : )

June Kramin said...

Being on a shelf even better. Someone said once they'd know when they found themselves in a book sale bargain bin! :)

Becka said...

First, I love love LOVE the Three Amigos. I can practically quote that entire movie by heart.

Second, I think "fame" is relative. I don't look at myself as "famous", however, newbie authors and readers who have met me have seemed nervous around me.

I think why? I'm just a housewife from Oregon. LOL I've seen my books on bookstore shelves, the first time was at B&N, only because I was local and had books they could order. I made sure I signed them so they couldn't send them back for not selling. :P

The second time is the Powell's Books here in Beaverton (not the famous Powell's in downtown Portland, but an offshoot). They ordered loads of my Samhain books because I did a signing there with other NW authors. I signed all of those as well.

For me, my "fame" comes in bits and pieces. Knowing Meljean Brook bought one of my books and requested me to sign her copy with giddiness made me giddy as well. (At the Powell's booksigning we were at together). Another time, a friend of mine had a coworker who is into eBooks and amazingly, had heard of me. So my friend arranged for her to meet me and she was very nervous, shaking... That was strange for me.

And my mother-in-law works with Rosie Garrison, a popular blogger in romance eBook circles: so there was some star-struckery going on there as well. :P

I have yet to be "recognized" when I'm doing my normal errands/chores outside of the home (not counting booksignings). That's my next goal. Heh