Monday, November 15, 2010

Christmas Lights

I put up the Christmas lights last weekend. Yes, I know that isn't even the middle of November yet but we usually put them up the weekend of the Toronto Santa Claus Parade so I'm only a week early.

I had really only intended to take advantage of the relatively mild weather to put them up without turning them on yet but my kids disagreed. I should have known that waiting a week once they were up would be impossible and to be honest I don't really mind.

Christmas is the one holiday that we really decorate for and we have the storage containers to prove it. We have 15 Rubbermaid storage containers just for Christmas, plus several boxes for the larger Santa figures and one big one for the tree. Easter, which has the second most storage containers, comes in a paltry second place with only 3 Rubbermaid containers.

We don't go all Griswold in terms of lights but we do have a couple of red-nosed reindeer that we've picked up over the years. We also put fresh pine garland on the railing and add some lights so there is still more to come.

We haven't done any inside decorating yet so we'll probably do it next weekend and then watch the parade on TV. It's kind of become one of those Christmas traditions that you don't realize you are developing until after it happens.

So what about you? When do you put your lights up? What are your favorite traditions?


Posted by David Boultbee


Eve Langlais said...

LOL the Griswalds and their legacy of lights will live on forever. I don't think you're nuts for putting them up yet. Hubby is doing ours this weekend and with the crazy aide of my children, the tree's going up too! I love Christmas :)