Sunday, October 10, 2010

Stories & characters that write themselves

I’m glad to now be a part of this blog. I see I’m in good company!

I’ll try not to get too carried away with the craziness that sometimes occurs at my own blog, but talking about writing isn’t anything I’m particularly good at. (<- see how I just ended that sentence with a preposition!? ;) I’ll try to hop right in here though with one of the most common things people ask me about writing. “How did you come up with your idea?”

The answer is simple. I didn’t. The idea chose me. It may sound like a poor excuse for an answer, but it’s true. The last few of my novels have come from one single sentence popping into my head and the rest of the story runs from there.

I don’t struggle with a storyline or plot out an outline. My hands hit the keys & I just type. On the occasion that I may try to think ahead & actually plan for my character to do something, I’m proven wrong. I use the term “my character” loosely since they have minds of their own.

I have shouted phrases like, “I told you not to sleep with him!” and “You could have told me sooner that you played the Piano, jerk!” The things that my characters say crack me up. I’ll read back & swear I didn’t just write that. I don’t always get along with my characters, but they are usually right (or ‘write’ as the case may be.) I’m finding the females are usually me in one way or another. They are a little (okay, a lot) strong willed and usually have at least one or two of my ‘quirks”. My aunt is one of my beta readers. A while ago she said, “What’s up with all your female MC’s?” “I guess they’re me. Why?” “Apparently you know a lot about cars, animals, coffee, guns, & sex. Not necessarily in that order.”

The only way to sum up the post is to say I love writing. It’s an adventure to me even as I write the pages and watch the story unfold, anxious to see what is going to happen next. Maybe my methods are a little strange, but if the shoe fits…. (no – not buy one in every color.) Wear it!

A post in a writing forum a while ago was titled, “Do you have to be neurotic to be a writer?”

My answer, “No, but it helps.”

June Kramin

Author Paranormal Romance ~ Dustin Time

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Allison Knight said...

Love your sense of humor. A fun post! And I agree with the ideas finding you, but I am a long time, detailed plotter. Which can get you into trouble, because there are times when the characters take over and there is nothing you can do - even for a plotter.

Jude Johnson said...

Ah another free spirit who just lets it rip! I feel guilty sometimes for not plotting and mapping, but I find the voices in my head do what they want anyway...

And they don't listen to me, either.
Happy Writing!


June Kramin said...

Glad to see I am in good company in that aspect too! :)