Sunday, October 3, 2010

About Zirconya

I would like to tie off a few odds and ends about my upcoming novel and trilogy, Zirconya. I get a lot of people asking me questions who just have the wrong idea all together! So, in the next few moments, I hope to answer any questions about the book(s) and if I still leave yours unanswered, ask away!

Zirconya: The Sage of Aluh’Nehn is a young adult fantasy for ages thirteen and up. (though, I have had many people in their thirties and forties enjoy it, as well. At least, as much as was posted online before I got contracted)

It focuses on a girl named Chloe(a.k.a Caelum. it's her Zirconyan name) who, on her seventeenth birthday, receives a visitor at her door. Though she can’t deny that there is something strange about him, his stories are just too far-fetched to believe.

The Sage of Aluh’Nehn is the first book in the trilogy, mainly about the discovery and acceptance of otherworldly possibilities. It’s not all faery tale and fantasy but a good mix of realism as to what would actually happen in such situations; how the world would react to the existence of another dimension.

I know my online offshoot of the story, Nahtaia: A Faery’s Tale, is all fantasy but Zirconya is completely different. It’s got a little bit of everything; humor, romance, adventure, pigeon spies, etc.

Hope I cleared up some confusion :)

Any further questions will happily be answered!

-Diana Ilinca

Excerpt from Zirconya: The Sage of Aluh'Nehn
Caelum turned to Vicky and frowned. “Listen, Vicky. I know about Lockesith and Zirconya and the sages. I know about them all. Don’t say a word to anyone else unless they know who Maze is.” She spoke in a panic as the dark man exchanged words with the teacher. “It’s all true. You have to believe it all, alright? Please!”

The teacher turned and pointed to Caelum. With one quick glance to Vicky and a lungful of air, she shot out of her seat, jumped from desktop to desktop and dashed out through the back door of the classroom.

Running on the edge of campus, Craban pursued her as the other man came up from the side and joined him. Everything seemed to move in slow-motion as Caelum desperately ran for her life.

With a quick glance over her shoulder, she saw the pair as they drew dangerously closer with each stride. When the sage turned back, Maze stood only yards away. He rose a large, silver sword above his head and slashed the air before him with a flourish, creating a tear similar to the one in the sky.

Caelum had too much momentum and couldn’t stop herself before she ran through it and disappeared.



Jude Johnson said...

Pigeon spies? Damn, I knew those ratty birds weren't to be trusted!

Looking forward to reading it, Diana. Anything that slashes the sky intrigues me!

~Jude Johnson

Diana Ilinca said...

LOL, Jude!
I'm originally from Phoenix, AZ and all of us Arizonians know the pigeon population around there lol :) I never trusted that sideways, wide-eyed stare they gave me so I put them in my books :)

Diana Ilinca said...

oh, and thanks for reading! ^_^