Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Visitors and Kinko

I don't belive I've ever blogged about our grandcat, Kinko. Why grandcat? Though we're now to the stage where we have great grandchildren, when she came into our lives we were ten years younger. We were looking for a kitten and someone ran an ad in the paper for free kittens. We got there and she dumped an armful of kittens in front of us. They all scattered, but the white calico with the black tail came directly to us. Since she'd picked us out, what choice did we have? So she's traveled many miles with us since those Carson City, NV days. Neither of us can imagine life without her and the Viking occasionally says if he had to give up one of us females he'd find it a hard choice. She obviously loves both of us, but that doesn't mean she'll come when called or do what we want her to--but such is the nature of cats.
She hates guests, one and all, with a passion. Since we have HER she doesn't see any need for us to invite anyone else into the house and she generally spends the entire time they're here on top of the highest cabinet in the utility room. If anyone actully stays overnight she's really upset. Strangers in her house? What are those two thinking of to do that me? Though in good weather she ordinarally spends time outside, we don't dare let her out when folks stay with us for a few days. Why? Because she won't come back in. And we do have wild animals around, so that's not safe at night. Did you ever try to tempt an annoyed cat to come back inside for her own good? If so, I need say no more. Which means she's doubly angry when guests stay overnight and she can't go outside.
We're now dealing with a thoroughly p---ed-off cat because my step-daughter and her husband are staying with us while they look for a place to buy, And, horror of horrors, they have two cats of their own. In her house! Never mind that the cats remain in the guest bedroom, she knows they're inside. Today Leslie and Steve made an offer on a house, so she soon will have the place to herself with just us again. What she doesn't yet know, though, is that they'll be dropping in often for the next few years.
To make matters even worse from her point of view, one of the Viking's daugters and her husband also came by on a visit and so did his nephew and partner. She's been inundated with visitors this summer--every one of whom she hates.
Such is the sad life of an overly-pampered cat.
Unlike the cat, I love seeing everyone, but it sure does play havoc with my writing and promo attempts. But now you know why there's often a cat in my stories. Jane


Allison Knight said...


Love the cat. We have cats. Only meant to have one, collected another, and because the first cat was getting old and didn't want to play, we got a third cat.

And oh, boy do cats have personality. I can really relate to your problems with your grandcat. Our youngest heads under our bed when we have guests. the newest one is a social creature and must be admired by everyone visiting. As different as night and day.

Jude Johnson said...

We have two cats - one grand dame old lady of fifteen and a young whippersnapper male who just turned one. We got him from a friend in Tombstone to help the older cat deal with the sudden loss of our beloved dog and the impending loss of Her Boy going off to college. They aren't exactly bosom buddies, but on the up side, his constant harassment has helped her lose a few pounds...
When they think we aren't around they actually sleep together, so the pretense of her disdain has been busted.

Julie Eberhart Painter said...

Jane, our cat seeks higher ground when the doorbell rings.

Love the name Kinko. All our animals were named before we adopted them, pedestrian names. So my books contain "kinky" names for animals: an English Mastiff named Lucifer in a nunnery; A black and white cat called Cufflinks, a small loving cat named Lilliputt, and a damnyankee dog named Sherman.

Hope Kinko gets a starring role in your next novel.