Thursday, September 23, 2010

Relieving Stress

As the school year progresses, I get more amd more tense. Tension makes it difficult to write, which is rather strange considering I write to relieve some of my stress. What a vicious cycle.

So - how to I handle three jobs, a household, a family and a dog that won't stay in his yard? (Our dog has decided he needs to dig his way free so he can go on a walk-about. Silly mutt has to be the luckiest dog around as someone always takes him home and calls the vet to see where he belongs. We've plugged every hole now and even put down chicken wire, but he's a determined fellow).  Okay, I digress.

I come home and immediately prop up my feet.  About an hour later, I cook supper. After supper, I work on the magazine and answer e-mails. About nine, I'm ready to write, assuming I can clear my head of school and the magazine.

To relax, I've started treating myself to some frivolous activities I thought never to engage in. Yep, I've grown quite fond of the jacuzzi bath and Calgon. About twice a week, I lounge in the massage chair while getting a full pedicure. My feet love the attention and I find that the time spent in the chair is great for dreaming up new plots. I have also become addicted to back massages. I was given a year's worth of massage at a local spa and I'm going to have to find the money to pay for this indulgence once my year is up. And again, this is a great place to let my mind wander.

So - what do you do to relax, to clear your mind so the muse can play?


Allison Knight said...

Oh, I have to jump in here. And probably shock the delights out of people. I absolutely love slots...
I don't have to spend a penny of my money either. I play on the computer. Okay, the initial program costs a bit, but after the purchase, I can play for hours. Only problem, I'm at the computer for all that time, plus the e-mail bit, writing, and blogs. No wonder I have eye strain.

Ashley Barnard said...

Awwww, jacuzzi bath! I wish I had one. I'm always crying about my Calgon moments. I have very little time anymore to pick up a book and read, so that's my favorite way to relax. I started exercising too, and that's been great to work the tension out of my shoulders.

Ciara Gold said...

Too funny, Allison. I'm addicted to just plain solitaire so I write two pages, play solitaire, write two pages, play solitaire, write...well you get the idea.

And Ashley, I didn't get the jacuzzi until I took a sledge hammber to the old bathroom. And that's another story. DH wasn't all that happy with me, but I got a new bathroom out of the deal. LOL.

Big Mike said...

Ah, GG in a bath, now thats an image to toy with.

Ref my relaxation, I fish, I hunt, I cut wood, oh yeah, and I write.

Michael Davis (
Author of the year (2008 & 2009)

Ciara Gold said...

ROFL Big Mike. DH would agree with you, but then, he loves me. LOL.

I also love camping and sailing. Currently sewing cushions in hopes we can get the boat back in the water soon.

Jude Johnson said...

LOL Ciara, I'm a solitaire addict, too. I find it hypnotic, and in a way makes me have to plot where I'm going next.
I would LOVE getting a year's worth of massages... otherwise, I get outside and dig in the dirt or hike the local canyons. Tai Chi is also calming to the nerves, and looks like a most graceful way to hurt someone. ;-)

Miz Sharon said...

After I do yoga, I feel so relaxed -- that may be because it feels so good after I try to twist myself into a pretzel (although my yoga teacher CAN twist herself into a pretzel while she balances on one foot)