Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Long weekend

I spent the past holiday weekend in my most recent usual past time, reading and battling this ever present cold. Not sure when this bug from hell came in, but it's been hanging around about three weeks now. Not enough to make me completely bed ridden, but it's enough that my energy is sapped completely and I would rather curl up under a blanket than go see my babies! (You know I'm sick if I pass on a trip to see Alyx and Sterling!)

So I've spent alot of time curled around Lisa Jackson novels. I write romantic suspense and recently I was on Amazon where the book list said "People who bought Betraying Chase also bought ____ by Lisa Jackson" and my writing was compared to Lisa Jackson. So I decided while I was at Barnes and Noble to pick up a book by this author.

OMG! If someone thinks I write like her I'm the MOST complimented person on the planet! Her book sucked me and I couldn't stop reading it...in fact, I have a growing list of Lisa Jackson novels I must buy. I read Lost Souls, Cold Blooded and Absolute Fear just since Thursday! Trust me when I say this is a HUGE feat--each book is over 300+ pages long. Lost Souls was 502!

I'm sooo thrilled that someone would place our writings in the same category with her!

Okay so enough gushing already, right?

Well how about another bit of good news? I recently was notified that I sold DEATH RIDES A PALE HARLEY to Champagne Books! How GREAT is that?!?!? I've been working with my CP Becka to come up with titles for the rest of the, The Four Horsemen series. I am a freak and I HAVE to have the titles while I'm writing...don't ask me why, it's just the way it is.
Well, I now have the titles! Here they are:

The Four Horsemen: Death Rides a Pale Harley
The Four Horsemen: Conquest Triumphs On a White Harley
The Four Horsemen: Famine Strikes On a Black Harley
The Four Horsemen: War Thunders On a Red Harley

I'm currently at work on the next book in the series, Conquest Triumphs on a White Harley. I was asked what order I'm writing these books because I've been shouting about Death and not about the others. Someone said "Not exactly the Biblical order is it?" My reply umm nope! I've been writing them as they appear in my head and since the only religious connection is the inspiration for the titles I figure what ever order I want to do them in is fine, right?

I have to admit I'm struggling though. This book isn't quite writing itself--unlike it's predecessor. I have learned by now that the reason for this is I'm trying to stick the work into a little preformed box and that's not what the characters want. They have their own ideas and I need to shut off the rest of the world completely and let them have free rein across the keyboard. If that doesnt work? Well I guess I'll have to shredd the idea and start all over!

I'm also counting down the days...Hunting Mickey will release in just a few short weeks! I can't WAIT! I'm DYING for Mickey and Terese to share their story with the world. Once you read it, I hope you'll love them as much as I do!

When all hell breaks loose, you know the honeymoons over--sometimes life’s a bitch…
Agent Mickey Flannery is finally going to take his wife Terese on the honeymoon they missed five years ago. The plans are made, the plane is landed and they arrive to the news they’ve been chosen for an upgraded holiday—a week on a private island all amenities included.
The private beach soon turns into paradise lost when they learn their gracious host is none other than Rafael Lesandro Rivera, Ramiro’s son, and he’s out for blood.
Can Mickey keep Terese and himself alive long enough to find a way of escaping the man who them join his hunting party—as the prey?

In personal news: it's been 18 months since DH was employed and I gotta say, my nerves are stretched to the limit. I used to tease him about being so tight when I wanted diamonds I bought a piece of coal and told him where to put it figuring that in less than a year I'd have my precious stone (LOL) now? I'm freaking THRILLED he was so tight! We still have our house--though it is getting hard to make ends meet...we have still been able to retain the basic pleasures in life--however we've given up Sunday after church meals out with the family...My pilgrimages to the bookstore have basically ceased (and it's KILLING ME!!!LOL)

But I'm sure that the dam is bound to break soon! I mean he's got a third interview call back for one of the jobs he interviewed for so that has to be GREAT news, right?? I hope so!

Well, the migrain is creeping back in and I need to take some drugs for it. I'll see y'all again soon!

Donica Covey


Ashley Barnard said...

Hey, I hope you're feeling better!!

Holly Hunt said...

I could swear the 4 horsemen were War, Death, Famine and Pestilance. Conquest seems the same as War to me.

But, either way, Sounds wonderful :) Something I'd read, just by the title.