Monday, September 6, 2010

Hidden messages and such

I'm a firm believer that, whether consiously or unconsciously, authors like to put the same kind of characters, settings, motifs, morals or even just ideas in every work.

For example, one of my favourite authors, Traci Harding, writes a Fantasy/Sci-fi melding. Her stories are always full of quantum physics and/or the teachings of the Chakras. I like to joke that I'm learning how to conquer the world with quantum physics while I'm reading her works.

I've written quite a few short stories, novella and novels (I once tallied the novels and novellas up to 12). I've looked through all my stories, and I know I have one type of character that shows up, whether I'm writing about Elementals in ancient Egypt or New York City with the Devil.


Every story has a shapeshifter in it, whether they're gods with another form, vampires who change into animals, werewolves or an angel that's turned into a cat and back.

So, think on it. What kinds of 'motifs' or whatever are in your story? What thread can you follow through in your stories?


Big Mike said...

I would agree. Most of my SF stories have some tech or science flair, and I research like crazy to give them a twist but I still make the theme plausible. With my romantic suspense novels, I actually have the hero/heroine adore each other, not some other alternative modern thing, but just each other to the point of their entire existing centering on the existence of another human. Not very modern, huh (g).

Michael Davis (
Author of the Year, (2008 and 2009)