Friday, September 10, 2010


Michael W. Davis

Ever time I do an interview with a website or newspaper, one of the top five questions I’m asked is, “Which is you favorite character” or “do you have a favorite novel from those you’re written.” My answer is never, “Sure, its behind door number 3.” To me personally, it’s not an easy question to answer. Truth is, once I complete a novel, it’s my favorite at that moment. How can that be? It’s because I just spent four to six months in a fictional world with a bunch of characters I grew to love or hate and they walk hand and hand with me everywhere I go until I start the next story.

So how do I answer the question? As always, with honesty. Each story has some unique twist in the plot or quirk in the characters that I admire or am very proud to have created. For example, my first novel to be published was TAINTED HERO. Both the hero and heroine were derived from individuals I respect and the plot is based on scary events I project to be just over our horizon. Plus the premise focuses on the conflict that many traditional people struggle with, namely the dividing line between right and wrong in a broken legal system like that of today’s flawed courts. The story received six 5 star reviews and comments about how moved the readers were, like: “.Read this book even thought at the end you might wonder about the state of the world.” (Book Cravings), or “"The tension builds to a stunning conclusion. Most likely, the reader will rethink his or her own notion of right and wrong.” (Night Owl Romance).

In my second novel, FORGOTTEN CHILDREN, I based the hero and heroine on myself and someone else important in my life (I promised to never tell who). Although I strive for that “Holy moly” finale in all my stories, I think the surprise of this one literally knocks your socks off. It was also the first novel I actually wrote, though not published first.

My third, BLIND CONSENT, was close to my heart because it was derived from my memories as a young boy in the improvised south. More than half the characters were chiseled from family or little friends from my past, as well as events that hit me hard as a boy until I could mature and gain perspective about life.

My fourth, VEIL OF DECEPTION was my first collaboration with another author (Candace Morehouse) and all scenes were derivatives of events and places within twenty miles of where I currently live. Although I always try to create realistic imagery and people, this story truly reflects the natural lure, beauty, history and mystery of the Piedmont Plateau and the adjacent counties in SW Virginia.

My fifth, SHADOW OF GUILT (not yet contracted), is the most gut wrenching storyline I’ve ever created. There are elements so dark in terms of the human condition and the blindness of modern society that on many occasions I had to stop writing and walk away. Yes, there is romance, and suspense, and humor as always, but there is also pain like what still exists today and remains ignored in every modern city.

I guess if someone held a gun to my head and forced me to chose, it would be SHADOW OF GUILT. I was so exhausted and moved after it was done, I had to take a two month break before I hit the keyboard again. Hey, wait a minute; it also is my last story. I guess we’ve come full circle from what I observed in the beginning; you always love the last one you danced with the most.

See ya in four weeks.

Big Mike
Michael W. Davis (
Author of the year, 2008

Blind Consent, “The answers are buried in the secrets of the past.”
Forgotten Children, “Only Sara knows the truth.”
Tainted Hero, “Sometimes good people do bad things.”
The Treasure, “A lonely heart can impair one’s judgment.”
Veil of Deception, “Sometimes the truth cuts deeper than a lie.”