Thursday, September 9, 2010

Back To School/Back To Writing Supplies

I haven't been in school for… well, let's just say a good long while (grinning) yet back to school time always makes me giddy. I wander the malls, looking at the latest kiddie fashions. Most of all, I haunt the back to school supply aisles. I love looking at the new pens and the stacks of paper.

'Course being a writer, I actually have a need for these supplies. No, I don't need that glow-in-the-dark solar calculator (what were the manufacturers thinking?). But what I love and I hoard are pens and notebooks.

I'm very picky about my pens. I like felt tip, fine point pens in a variety of colors. Felt tip because I sometimes write upside down on the bed (it helps me view my words in a different way) and because I don't have to press down heavily on the paper. I like colors like hot pink and grass green because it draws attention to my edits on the printed page and because using different colors stimulates different parts of a person's brain. If I'm stuck, I'll try handwriting the next scene in a different color. Sometimes it jogs an idea loose.

I'm equally picky about my notepads. I like those ugly coil, lined pads, perforated. I discard pages as I no longer use them (lightening up my tote).

Do you go crazy in the back to school supply aisles? What are some of your fave tools?


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Jude Johnson said...

I'm a sucker for gel pens (Dr Grip) and fine point Sharpies. I use a plum color for book signings to stand out on the black and white page. I also use different colors for our family calendar to mark each person's events. It's supposed to keep us aware of when events might conflict, but the major trick is getting the other members of the family to look at the darn thing!

Kimber Chin said...

I like the fine point Sharpies except the smell drives me crazy. Do you know, Jude, if the new ones (i.e. the sharpies on sale this season) smell?