Saturday, August 28, 2010

Stupid Criminals in Need of a Career Change

My father always said that if someone is stupid enough to steal money they better make sure it’s millions, because they’re going to jail anyway. A criminal that should make a career change from crime in Panorama City, California gave a bank teller a note saying, “I have a gun. Give me all your twenties in this envelope.”

The teller said, “All I have is two twenties.”

The robber took them and left!

A Salem Oregon man reported to the police that someone had stolen some of his personal belongings. He listed that one of the missing items was an ounce of marijuana. A wanna-be-robber at Dunkin Donuts intent on stealing the cash register ran off with the adding machine instead.

An unsuspecting woman was standing on the street when a young man ripped her purse from her clutches. She then received a phone call from the man demanding a big reward for the return. She told him to wait at the pay phone he was at and she’d send someone over with the money. She sent the police. In addition to theft he was charged with extortion!

I must say my personal favorite criminal, that is probably making license plates for his career change, is the ex-con intent on robbing someone in New York’s Riverside Park. He pulled a fake handgun on two armed police officers in uniform!

Detective Leslie Bolt in my action thriller, Bolt Action would not have patience for the likes of these criminals. She is a Harley riding, tough talking investigator with a chip on her shoulder and working a serial murder case with her ex-lover doesn’t improve her disposition. Perhaps a couple of Harley’s, paint drumming to music, and a new romance can help Detective Bolt conquer her own demons from the past to solve the “State Quarter Case.”

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Jude Johnson said...

LOL Sadly these stupid criminals are quite often major contributors to the gene pool.
There was a bank robber in Arizona who handed a demand note to a teller so badly scrawled she told him to go back and re-write it because she couldn't read it. He did, standing at the deposit slip desk, and was still working on it intently when the police walked in and cuffed him.

Maybe your detective could have some fun culling the herd!

Rhobin said...

Sometimes stupidity knows no bounds. I'm not sure that sometimes the aim is to get caught as there will be at least a bunk and three meals a day. Bolt action isn't need for these robber dolts, just a victim with a keen mind.

Big Mike said...

I've got two more for ya I remember from long ago.

1. Guy robs an electronic store with a bag over his head but he forgot to take off his name tag on his shirt (he worked there).

2. Guy goes in to rob a household abd has all the goodies in a bag then decides to eat a snack. Eats so much he takes a nap at the kitchen table. Yeah, they caught him.

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