Friday, August 13, 2010

Story behind the Story

Michael W. Davis

When I’m interviewed for a newspaper article, or for a review website, or at a book signing; one recurring question is “Where did the story come from.” What they’re really curious about is to discover the story behind the story, and every novel has one. I decided that the best way to convey the origins of a novel was through a video that contains how the idea for a novel was born, alone with the photos I used to frame my fictional world as I formulated the characters and scenes. The video below explains how the novel VEIL OF DECEPTION, co-authored by myself and Candace Morehouse was created. If you’d like to check out some early reviews and several excerpts, you’ll find them at Enjoy.

Michael Davis, Author of the year (2008 and 2009)


Allison Knight said...

Isn't it interesting how sometimes, a scene, a bit of music, another book can spark the creative juices in an author? Thanks for sharing.

Ciara Gold said...

I love hearing how others get their inspirations. Thanks for posting, Big Mike.

Big Mike said...

Back at ya, ladies. Most of my themes are derived some way, some how from things I've seen in real life. Its the authors job to mode it. This particular stroy was seeded from a sad case locally that has yet to be solved, yet in my story, to make the writers happy, justice is served at the hand of the "victims court".