Sunday, August 1, 2010

Lots of writing = lots of promotion

What happens when you’ve been writing a lot? You have a lot of book releases. A good thing, don’t get me wrong. A very good thing. But it also means I have to get my butt in gear.

Promotional, promotion, promotion. No one’s going to know about your books unless you get yourself out there. Both online and in person. I’m contacting people for guest blogging opportunities, have built up a presence on Twitter, Facebook, and Good Reads as well as maintaining one on Coffeetime Romance and Romance Divas. In person I have five signings pending with various tourist attractions. Pending because I’ve just contacted them and am waiting their responses.

So promo is a lot of work, but a necessity. And it brings great rewards. I love meeting readers. There’s nothing like hearing that someone liked my work, that maybe my writing has touched them in some way. That in itself makes what I do, all the alone time and the doubts, all worthwhile.

Thanks for reading.

~ Nancy



Ciara Gold said...

You and me both. It's really hard when you take a vacation from promoting and then try to work it all back in again. Best of luck and I still owe you an interview. I'll try to round up those original questions and send your way.

Anonymous said...

You go, girl! You're a great inspiration to this shy newbie...

Ashley Barnard said...

That last one was from me, by the way. Didn't mean to hit anonymous. : )

Big Mike said...

Then I should be rich from book sells cause I've been writing like heck last two months. Course did take a little "vacation under a proton beam sunlamp (g) for six months when I couldn't write a word. So I do have an excuse.

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