Thursday, July 15, 2010

R.I.P. Elizabeth Thornton

One of my favorite authors, Elizabeth Thornton, passed away on Monday. Elizabeth has written 27 historical romances (she has a new release in November) and was a 7 times RITA finalist. Her books ROCK.

I never met Elizabeth but having read and enjoyed many of her books, I feel I knew her. I went to a seminar given by Robyn DeHart on Saturday. In it, she said that every author puts a little bit of her own self into each book. I know that the emotions I put on my pages are mine. Their sources are different (I never had to kill someone like Tavos has… well, not yet, anyway) but the emotions are mine. We all also create heroines we like.

I love Elizabeth's heroines. They are strong and perky and intelligent and everything a woman could want in a friend. It makes me think I would have liked being Elizabeth's friends.

A chapter mate was a good friend of Elizabeth's (I heard the news through her) and she confirmed those suspicions. Elizabeth Thornton was a wonderful person who created wonderful books.

I will miss the new releases but I will cherish her soon-to-be classics. A piece of her will live forever in her stories.


Kimber Chin is currently posting chapters of a 10,000 word short story on her site (and yes, it does have a cameo by Tavos Santos, our favorite knife wielding vigilante)