Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Popping in for a quick hello!


Why is whenever I see that I word I can hear Miss Minnie? Ugh, I'm sure half a dozen or more readers went completely blank at the mention. Miss Minnie Pearl, the Grand Dame of the Grand Ole Opry, famouse for her Gingham checked dresses, straw hats decorated with flowers and the ever present price tag hanging from the brim.

Sorry, I cna't help but wax nostalgic. My chaotic life is slowing its whirling dirvish to a more natural rhythm and I'm desperately trying to find my bearings while playing catch up with the real world.

The situation with my Grandmother has some minor, if temporary improvements and for that I am rgateful. It means that I can finally try to get back into the swing of my real life. Of course the duration of the repreive may only be long enough for me to almost get caught up--but I'll take what I can get and be happy.

It is important that I thank ALL of you who have dropped notes of encouragement, whispered words of prayer and kindness for myself and my family during these trying times. I am grateful for all my friends and their support! So, ready?


I have to get back to my catch up attempts but I wanted to drop a line and let y'all know I'm not dead--yet and hope to be back into my real routine soon. Right now I'm headed back into the edits for Hunting Mickey--coming in October from Champagne Books! Yes, I'm TOTALLY excited. Oop, better get back to work!

Take care, keep safe and HAPPY READING!