Friday, July 16, 2010

Long vs Short

Michael W. Davis

Now I know my romance budettes will interpret those words out of context with the point I had in my mind (the little vixens), but its not what ya think. As an author, my prime avenue is romantic suspense and romantic thrillers. It’s where the bulk of my days in the pool of fictional thoughts are spent. Yet, after spending six months isolated in my back room creating 90,000 words that, I hope, stimulate the mind and heart of readers, I need mental relief. Fortunately, my muse and her creativity swing both ways, in the world of fiction, of course.

In between novels, I spend a few weeks dipping in another end of the publishing arena, specifically creating some SF shorts. Each story still has a romantic core, most have an off world tone, but they all provide quick gratification. I can see the characters in my mind come to life as I formulate an intriguing and “OMG” twist, then step back and sigh with creator’s pride that my vision has come alive. Although all my shorts are from the SF genre, once they are down on paper, they are real to me. The hero, heroine, fictional world with all its creatures, the dilemmas and heartbreaks they endure; they are all real.

Many of my SF stories come from dreams, but some take on an existence of their own out of vapors. For example, an off world SF entitled ESSENCE that was recently released by started as a quirky thought of how far a man would go for the woman he loved. I mean the female that defines his very existence. Here’s a short blurb to give you an idea:

On a deep space mining exploration, Drake and Lara are exuberant to discover the largest source of Tallium ever recorded, until they’re forced to make a desperate choice of how far they'll go to stay together.

All I had to do was struggle with the first paragraph, then my muse Elvira (she’s a bit of a bossy thing) ripped the keyboard from my hands and took off. I simply leaned back and watched the story evolve, it was amazing, truly amazing to see her in action. And she did one hell of a job. Here’s two early reviews:

"ESSENCE will keep you highly entertained from start to finish....Michael W. Davis is a masterful storyteller who continues to keep the reader highly entertained with his stories. With each book this author delivers to his readers, he captivates you from start to finish with a few intriguing twists that leave you breathless. ESSENCE is a nice, short read that will leave you eager for more. I hope this author comes back to this little area of the world he created and shows us more fun in space. If you haven’t read one of Mr. Davis’ stories then grab ESSENCE and settle in for a fun filled romp in outer space. ", Love Romance & More

"In the fascinating and intense short story, ESSENCE, Michael W. Davis exposes us to a beautifully written world of deep space missions and enduring love. As with his other works, Davis does an amazing job with detailed and emotionally-driven descriptions. The fast paced plot, likable characters, and twist at the end make this story a pleasure to read…and reread. I recommend ESSENCE to science fiction and non science fiction lovers alike. A great read." Pagan and Pen Book Reviews

I know, I know, I did a terrible thing; I took credit for Elvira’s work, but please don’t tell her. Not only is she bossy, she carries one mean whip in her belt of toys. If you’d like to read an excerpt from ESSENCE, or any of my novels or shorts, jump on over to

Michael Davis, Author of the year (2008 and 2009)