Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I am excited, happy and honored to announce that J. Ellen Smith, Publisher of Champagne books recently offered me the position of Acquisitions Editor, to which I immediately said “Yes!” I’ve been reading proposals like mad and yesterday, I got to write my first acceptance letter to an author I know everyone is going to be happy to see on the Champagne Authors’ List. I’m not giving away her name at this point until I know if she’s willing to accept the contract, but she is extremely talented, has written an amazingly well-composed and fascinating mainstream novel, which I gobbled up and then looked around for more… and there are more, every day, it seems, more. This is one of the most wonderful, rewarding jobs I have taken on. If your book is in my TBR stack, I’ll get to it. Luckily, I’m a fast reader and we’re working on clearing up our backlog of submissions. If you haven’t heard from Champagne yet, don’t despair. Yours could be the next book I read and fall in love with.
Another important task in my new world is to write revision letters to authors whose submissions show great potential, but may be in need of a bit of assistance in getting their point across, and making their book more publishable. When I make suggestions, I do so from the point of view not only as an reader of many genres, but an editor who has, over the years, seen what works and what does not. I realize not all my suggestions will be accepted by every author, because we each have our own vision of the book we’ve written. I try to remember at all times that interfering with an author’s “voice” can irrevocably damage a book. I know this, because it’s been done to me when an editor had an entirely different idea of what my book should be about and attempted to force major changes that simply did not work for me. Hence, while I make suggestions for revisions, I do it with care and I hope, kindness, always remaining alert to the fact that it’s the author’s name on the cover of that book, not mine.
I’ve also recently read K.M. Tolan’s new book, Defiant Dancer, due out later this year, and enjoyed it immensely. He’s another talented author and I’m proud to say I’m now his editor. I’m glad my new responsibilities won’t keep me from editing the books from authors already on my list, and hope they’ll keep them coming because apart from writing, reading, and boating, editing is one of my passions.
I expect I’ll collect new authors along the way, too, because Heaven forbid I should be without interesting work that involves me almost to the point of not slipping into my kayak in each new anchorage for a paddle around the point to see what I can find. Most of the time, what I see is more clear blue ocean, more mountains, more trees of varying shades of green, but there’s always the chance of meeting up with a pod of white-sided dolphins. Such adventures are something like opening a new book…


Ciara Gold said...

Congrats big time! It's nice to see such enthusiasm and by your post, I can tell you'll be great for this position.

Anonymous said...

She also makes a great editor (grin).