Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Frank Sinatra used to sing "Luck Be A Lady." Luck seldom is. When the Viking got in contact with me again, after we'd spent most of our lives apart, luck gave us a second chance at getting it right. He lived in Carson City, Nevada and I lived in Cornwll-on-Hudson, NY, but we discovered on the same weekend in June we'd be visting relatives in lower Michigam on the same weekend and only forty miles apart. Since he'd been divorced for eight years and I wsa a widow, we agreed to meet where I was ataying at one of my niece's. We both decided to try again and so I visited him in Nevada. That was sixteen years ago and we're still together, so luck was definitely a lady to us. I wound up selling the NY house and living in NV. Gambling, right? Slots and poker and backjack--all that--which Carson City had in their casinos, grocery stores, laundromats, etc. Neither of us gambles--except in our case, on each other. We ate in the casinos often--great low cost food, but never dropped more than five bucks in any slots and and often nothing. Neither did we play cards. So our luck while in NV was that we were immune, at least with monsy, to gambling's lure.
In other ways, I do gamble. One of my email lists is the Grande Dames, made up of women of a "certain age," all of us authors. One of us is an expert Tarot Card reader and suggested a series with each of us using a Tarot card to influence the plot I liked the idea, and, years later, raised it again. This time we each chose a card and did a synopsis. I volunteered to coordinate the series and query publishers. Ellen, at Champagne, was receptive to the idea, even naming it "In The Cards." So, having chosen the Wheel Of Fortune as my card, I remembered Ol' Blue Eyes' song and titled my story Lady Luck. I wrote it, sending it to Ellen with a short synopsis and she liked it. So mine turned out to be the first story in the series. Since my edits are now done and I'm waiting for the galley, I assume the cover will soon pop up and the release date won't be far off. Which is good news for the othere whose mss. for In The Cards Series have been accepted. We all cosaider ourselves lucky.
My story is set aboarad a gambling ship that sails from a port in Florida for a three day cruise to the Bahamas, Actually, I was lucky enough to have such a cruise free as a bonus when I bought a time share at Orlando. Since sold--even luckier. The hero is a PI hired by a casino group to find out who is rigging slots for payoffs. The heroine, a CPA, is accompanyimg her great-aunt so the older woman can dbe sure of having a bridge partner on the cruise. Naturally there's also a villain--and he's not the slots-rigger.
So, considering I've recoverd from aspirating that pill last month, perhaps I've used up all my luck for the year. I sure hope not. Jane