Thursday, June 17, 2010


I went to a great writing workshop on the weekend (on those oh-so-important opening pages). I sat beside a woman who had taken the same workshop years ago. At the end of the meeting, we discussed what we learned. The woman said that she loved the workshop the first time. She got so much out of it. Then she said something interesting. She said that she loved the workshop as much the second time and she got very different things out of it.

I find that's true of the great romance novels. I can read a brilliantly written romance novel at one stage of my life and certain scenes or phrases will stick with me. At another stage of my life, I can read it again and other scenes will make me laugh or cry or otherwise feel.

That is what I call layers. I try to write my own stories with different layers. The entertainment-only reader can read it and 'get' the basic story. The deeper reader can read it and 'get' the symbolism and the overreaching story arc. I know I've achieved my goal when I receive email from both types of readers.


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