Tuesday, June 29, 2010


According to the people who study such things, authors suffer from all kinds of feelings of inadequacy. We are a bit neurotic, convinced our work is never good enough, that no one will ever read it, buy, enjoy it. You name it, we feel it. Publisher and agent rejections go a long way to add to that feeling.

To top that off, writing is by nature a very lonely occupation. You and the keyboard are the only ones who communicate while you are writing. Okay, the computer screen is also part of the picture. I've never learned to write and talk to someone at the same time. I can't keep my thoughts together if I'm thinking about my characters and trying to carry on a conversation. I can't do it and at this time, I don't know anyone else who can.

So, I'd like to see a 'Be kind to Author' day. Why not? We have Mother's day, Father's day, Thanksgiving, Secretary's day, May day, Valentine's day and so on. Legislators in many countries declare a day for this or that.

But, think about it. There are thousands upon thousands of books. Take a look at one of the e-books stores. But without authors there would be no books, no history, no books of comedy, no movies, no TV sit-coms and where would the young cook be without a handy cookbook. Just think of all the how-to books and books on psychology you see in a bookstore. We need books.

Yep! Authors deserve a day just for us. What do you think of the idea, whether you write and read, or just read? And yes, authors are reader too. So share you thoughts.

Allison Knight
"Battlesong" is coming in August


Big Mike said...

I can live with thank, but it can only be those that write suspense, romance, thrillers, SF, mystery, that should do it.

Michael Davis