Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Call Me Disconnected

I can never remember passworda, even though I write them down, so every time I'm up to blog, I go through the same process. This time Google wouldn't let me in with the new password, so I had to go through that process twice. Guess it didn't like the first one I chose. Some days I feel I wasn't designed to handle computers, and this is one of them. Yes, I love the ease of them for writing compared to typewriters with carbon paper and up to twenty drafts before you got a clean ms. But, anyway, here I am again, finally recovered from aspirating a stool softener, and scaring poor Elmer who had to do a Heimlich and was afraid he'd break one or more of my ribs doing it as he weighs 194 and I weigh 122. But he didn't. The pill casing popped just fine out and I finally could breathe, but the contents, which were oily, went into my lungs. Not a good idea. Then. of course, I got tendinitis from the antibiotic I had to take. Not a side effect you wnant to get, believe me my writer friends and any stray reader pal who might drop by. But I'm now down to only one nebulizer treatment a day and the tendinitis has all but cleared up, plus my lungs are clear. Believe it or not during this three week period of time I did manage to finish a book. But then all writers are crazy. I had made a New Year's Resolution to finish all the first books in any series I'd once begun, so I have now finished Book One and Two in one series, because I'd started both in the dim past. But when I pulled ali the series out, I discovered I had ten--some trilogies, some with more books. So I winnowed them down to the six series most likly to interest publishers. Even then it'll take me well into 2011 to finish the first book in every one of the six. But I figure if the world ends in 2012, I won't have to worry about doing all of them. I really don't believe it will end, though none of us know how long we're going to live even if the world remains intact. I wonder how many authors have either series or single books started that never have been finished? Probably some, like those I discarded, are not salable, but it'd be interesting to know how many of us out here in the chanchy world of writing have unfinished books that might even become best sellers, if only we'd finish and submit them. I envy those who can zip out a book in no time and not have to revise a bunch of times. I can write fast, but then it takes time to get the ms. in shape to send out. Now it's time to finish the first book in another series instead of the third book in the first trilogy, which I'd really rather do. But that wasn't my resolution, so it's a no no. I do have two contacted-for novellas I have to get done as well, so I'll do one of them before hauling out another seriss first book to work on. Wish me luck. I may have used up all my saved-up luck by surviving that pill aspiration. It was scary. Jane