Friday, April 16, 2010

"Adrian's Angel" by Angela Ashton (preview)

I'm anxiously awaiting the cover (and edits) of the upcoming August release (mark your calenders!) of my latest time-travel endeavour & thought I'd give you a peek at the story...


Saying goodbye to old ghost isn't easy, especially when Adrian Birichino comes face to face with a woman twenty years won't allow him to forget.

Plagued by baffling circumstances surrounding the loss of his childhood sweetheart, Adrian Birichino has spent the last twenty years trying to forget. When fate forces him to return to the town he loathes, his pervasive nightmares turn alarmingly real as a luminous angel steps out of thin air, inducing an accident that leaves his life in familiar hands. Once Adrian hears her demented ramblings regarding who she is and where she's from, will he agree to help her...or commit himself to an asylum once and for all? But if she's just a figment of his imagination, how had she managed to leave behind tangible evidence of her existence?

Having been catapulted to a sinister spot in time, Riley Gail must find a way to convince Adrian she is real and living in the heart of the infamous witch-hunt…else resign herself to be immortalized in the pages of history as one of Salem’s accused forevermore...

Here's an excerpt:

Winter embraced his hometown with a frigid kiss. The frosty flakes formed a blanket of white glittery dust along the terrain, concealing the black ice that pierced Adrian’s soul. The signs on the buildings were vague through the chalky wrath as he made his way down Wharf Street, but they’d not changed. He knew what they said, what each disturbing sign represented. Salem’s Museum of Myths and Monsters. Did his own foolish tale rest therein?

A bone chilling reluctance almost saw him turn the car around and head back to New York, and not for the first time. His old neighborhood was perched along a lofty hillside a few blocks east of the Museum. He didn’t want to see it…didn’t want to stir the frenzy of emotion that refused to lay dormant inside his cursed soul. The infamous town was nothing more than a trivial homage to exploit its terror stricken victims. A city thriving on treachery and deceit, luring tourist to partake, if only for a fleeting moment, of the wrongs inflicted by its horrific past.
Adrian’s therapist called his unyielding resentment by another name. But no matter what labels were placed on his feelings regarding his hometown, his tainted memories of yesteryear, Adrian knew one thing.

He loathed the town of Salem and everything it represented.

I'll post more--and the cover!--when available. I'd based my character on my fav Highlander hero, Adrian Paul (pictured). Birichino means 'little devil' in Italian and I found it quite fitting for the tale...

Until next time...happy reading!
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