Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New Moon and curiosity...

Over the weekend my daughter and I took over the television to watch Twilight and New Moon. (yes I am TOTALLY TEAM JACOB! But that's another blog over at my website http://www.donicacovey.com/)

But I was watching this massive DVD set DD purchased and there was somethiing about the real town of Forks. This got me to thinking--dangerous I know...how do you feel about REAL places in your Fiction?

Most of my books take place in Missouri and Arkansas the two towns I've spent most of my life in. However I never use the actual names of the towns in either state and I change the names of the actual businesses, as well as the people who influence certain characters. I use names like Maxville and Flat Rock but anyone who knows the real towns knows exactly where I'm talking about. (Of course, Maxville was the real name WAY, WAY, WAY back when)

In my latest book I have toyed with naming names--the town name that is NOT actual people--but local businesses, parks, rivers, roads, etc.

How do you as readers feel when you read about your locale in a book? Would you like to read about your favorite hamburger joint? The high school you graduated from got a new gym, want to see it in a book? Do you feel a stronger connection when you read it over and go GEE! I KNOW this place! I went to school there...I made out in that parking lot...I wrecked my dad's car there... I got my first ticket there...we had a bon fire there...that's MY favorite fishing hole...

Writer's how do YOU feel about using real places? Is it something that makes you cringe? Do you feel more comfortable making up a name for a real location to CYB? If you use real places, like businesses, do you get permission from the owners or just wing it and pray? After all you might be using the decor, the name, the service, the people as springboard but it IS Fiction afterall and ANY resemblence is just a coincidence!

I'm curious to know how y'all feel so please let me know!