Thursday, March 25, 2010

A New Beginning

A couple of months ago, I submitted my last story in the Invisible series (yes, Invisible is really book two but that’s how readers refer to it). There may be other stories in the future, I’ll never rule that out, but for now, it is done.

Which has me asking myself ‘What do I write next?’

It will likely be another series. I love writing series. Once I set up the world, I can concentrate fully on the characters and relationships. It is a wonderful mix of comfort and creativity.

But will it be a contemporary romance? Or will I set it in the future? Should I write one of those post-apocalyptic romances that are so popular? Will there be vampires or zombies in this world (there are vampire and zombie business folks, I’m sure)? (And, no, K.M., you aren’t going to suck me into the sci fi world – that is beyond my creative capacity)

How will I write these stories? Will I keep my lean Kimber Chin writing style, testing how many writing rules I can break, or will I go more traditional?

How long will these stories be? Will I launch them with a series of shorter works or will I write a series of full length novels?

I’m enjoying pondering all these questions. This is an exciting time. I’m, what we call in the business world, blue-skying. Anything is possible. I can take my writing anywhere.

I have until the end of May to figure out the direction. That is when my current business contract ends and I’ll be back to writing 24/7 (and I DO write 24/7 – well, except for sleeping and eating). Until then, I dream and question.


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