Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Age Has Mellowed Me!

It seems like everytime I leave the house these days I'm in a hurry. I could ask myself why that is but I know the answer. I put off getting ready until the last minute. Today I got in my car, and as I backed out of the garage I noticed the gauge registered at empty. Not to panic, I don't worry about gas until the low fuel signal blinks. I know that aggrevates you men in the audience, but it's plain bothersome to have to stop for gas. Fortunately my car has one of those little computers that tells me how many miles I can travel without being stuck somewhere. I had 64 miles to go. No problem. Waco is just 16 miles away.

Today I went to the mall to have my eyes checked. When I arrived at the office where I've had my eyes examined for the past 7 years, I wasn't on the schedule. Actually, the doctor wasn't in. I learned there was another eye doctor in the mall so the receptionist called and my appointment was all the way at the other end. When I'd made the appointment, I'd lost my little reminder card so just found an eye doctor in the mall. Oops, wrong one. Oh well, one's as good as another. Got my eyes examined, hit several stores, bought a scarf, resisted the Blue Bell icecream, and left.

When I reached my car, my driver's side rear tire was flat. Oh dear. I couldn't drive on it like that but didn't have anyone to call. Hubby is volunteering with AARP and figuring income tax so he wasn't at home. Sears. That was the answer. I could drive around to the Sears Store and they would fix it. Sears does everything. Today they were shorthanded and wouldn't be able to get to it until 4:00. This was 1:00. I asked if they could at least air it up and I knew of a garage that wasn't too far. Plus, Sears doesn't carry Firestone Tires and that is what came on my HHR. Larry insists that all four tires match.

I dropped off my car and walked next door to Wendy's for lunch. I had my Dell Netbook so checked my email, etc. while there. By the time I returned to the garage my tire was fixed. A broken rusty nail was the culprit. My bill was 15.00. How lucky could I get?

I'd just settled in my recliner with my laptop when I got the message that today was my day to post on this blog. Yikes! I hadn't expected my turn to come around so soon. What could I possibly post about? Then it dawned on me, I'd blog about my day. Years ago I'd have been in a tizzy with all the unexpected happenings. Of course, back then I had a full time job, children to pick up from school or take here and there. And, I didn't have a cell phone. Now I'm more flexible. And with my netbook and or phone always at hand, I can always browse the web, read an ebook, or work on my work-in-progress. Even if I didn't have my little computer, I always keep paper and pen handy and can jot down ideas or write scenes.

So, is it age that has mellowed me or is my different response due to technology and resources? You be the judge.

Thanks for reading!