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Ten Ways To Melt A Man's Heart - Phyllis Campbell

Ten Ways to Melt a Man's Heart
A Writers Vineyard Holiday Treat

Give him compliments

From behind Charlene, someone called out Max’s name. She sucked in a breath. Had her heart stopped beating, too? Slowly, she turned, and as her gaze rested on his form, she exhaled a sigh.

Max looked as if he’d just walked off a magazine cover. In the latest style of clothing, his navy blue jacket and matching trousers practically shimmered. He naturally took the spotlight. His white straight-collared shirt complimented his tanned skin, and when he smiled at his friends, her heart raced. What could she do to get him to look at her like that?

But best of all...he was without a date. Amanda’s plan must have worked.
He stood not more than ten feet away. Charlene longed to walk over and talk to him, but the more she stared at him like a rock-star groupie, the more she lost her nerve. Just like high school.

He moved away with his friends to the punch bowl. Damn! Missed my chance, again.

Amanda nudged her arm and Charley glanced over her shoulder. Her co-worker nodded in Max’s direction. “Go over and speak to him.”

Charley scowled. “I can’t. I wouldn’t know what to say. It’s not like we chat on a daily basis.”

Amanda rolled her eyes heavenward. “You may not know him personally, but you know Fred and Gary. Act like you’re going over to talk to them.”

Charley’s heart hammered against her ribs like a tom-tom. Her throat tightened and she couldn’t swallow. It’s that chicken-out disease again. But what did she have to lose? If she didn’t go over, she’d be upset with herself. And if Max shot her down, at least she’d know he wasn’t interested.

Besides...this wasn’t high school anymore. The woman she’d turned into was more self-assured. And this wasn’t a high school dance. This was her employer’s Christmas party. It would be easy to chat with people she knew. Right?

She nodded to Amanda. “Wish me luck.”

Taking a deep breath, she pulled back her shoulders and began her walk across the room, trying her hardest not to look like the coward she’d always been. Max’s deep baritone voice rang out in laughter, and tingles shot up her spine.

Give him compliments. Tell him he looks nice. His hair does look good tonight. And yes, God help me, I still like his ass. Thanks a lot, Damien. She grinned. Now was not a good time to think about her sexy neighbor’s words.

When she drew near, Max’s gaze touched and vibrated through her. His attention roved over her, from the top of her wild hairdo to the toes of her squishy heels. She couldn’t breathe. He looked into her eyes and smiled.

She was going to faint. But no, she couldn’t. Too embarrassing...but then again, if she did, he’d come pick her up, take her in his arms and hold her against his body. Since her lungs didn’t work, he’d have to give her mouth-to-mouth. The thought made her lightheaded. But it was just a thought, right?

She groaned and closed her eyes. Dizziness overwhelmed her and her stomach lurched. Please no! Not here. Not now. Not with Max nearby watching. Where was Damien when she needed him most? He’d be able to help her out now.

Before she knew what was happening, the room tilted and her legs gave way beneath her. Her head connected with the floor like a bowling ball starting its run down to the pins.

Sounds faded except for the ringing in her ears. Someone slipped an arm beneath her shoulders, lifted her, and lightly tapped her cheek.

She raised her heavy eyelids and focused on the person who held her. Max! Wishes do come true. She smiled.

Worry etched a crease in his brow. “Are you all right?” His voice reached through the bells chiming in her head.

She nodded, ignoring the pain shooting through her temples.

Give him compliments. Tell him he looks nice. His hair looks good...his butt--

“Max, thanks...” She paused, trying to think of a compliment. “Umm...did I ever tell you...I think...your butt has an intoxicating smile?”

That didn’t sound right. Had she said it wrong? Why weren’t her mind and mouth cooperating tonight? Once again, Damien was putting ideas into her head…and he wasn’t even here!

Max’s eyes widened, and snickers exploded from the crowd who had gathered. Oh gads! Why hadn’t she noticed the others?

Think! She had to say something to cover herself. “Umm...I mean, your smile is outfitted in style...I mean your butt looks stylish.” She shook her head and inwardly groaned. “I think you really look good tonight.”

Open mouth--insert foot. Heat flooded her cheeks, spreading quickly down her neck. The corner of his mouth lifted in a grin. She struggled to sit, but he tightened his hold.

“Charley, I think you hit your head pretty hard. You might want to rest a second before standing.”

She squeezed her eyes tight. Where’s the nearest hole? Maybe if she thought hard enough, she’d be back home and all this would be a bad dream. This can’t be happening. Mentally, she tapped her heels together three times. There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home. Then she realized her squishy heels were not ruby.

This has been an excerpt from Ten Ways To Melt A Man's Heart
Phyllis Campbell is an award-winning, multi-published, and best-selling author with Champagne Books, The Wild Rose Press, and Vintage Publishing. Most of her reviewers have given her the title of “Queen Of Sexual Tension”. Phyllis has lived in Utah all of her life and enjoys family activities.
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