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Kiss Of Fate - Deborah Cooke

Kiss of Fate
A Writers Vineyard Holiday Treat

Eileen was in the car in a flash, turning the key in the ignition. It was snowing thickly, big flakes drifting out of an overcast sky. She wished she had Erik’s driving skill, but knew she didn’t. She also wished she was better at driving on the wrong side of the road and shifting with the wrong hand. If her luck held, the roads would be quiet at this time of day.

The engine started. She glanced back and saw Sigmund closing fast. There wasn’t time to worry about wishes and hopes.

Eileen put the car into gear and floored the accelerator. She didn’t doubt that Sigmund would catch her, but she had to try to escape him.

Could she manage to find Erik?

Could she somehow send him a message?

Eileen didn’t know, but she was going to try.

She shot out of the parking lot, taking the corner on two tires. The tires squealed on the pavement and the car skidded on the wet road. Several pedestrians stood back and shook their heads, but Eileen didn’t care what they thought of American tourists.

She saw a big black Mercedes parked outside the hotel opposite, its roof badly dented. Her heart in her throat, Eileen spun the wheel and went the other way. She couldn’t see Magnus, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t see her.

Erik had said Magnus could smell her, and find her anywhere.

In terror, Eileen glanced in the rear view mirror. She saw Sigmund running after her car. Could things get any worse?

She peered ahead, the heavy flurries obscuring her vision of the road. Where would she go? Where could she hide? She hadn’t wandered far beyond the museum on her previous trip and didn’t know the area well at all.

Then she heard a bellow, one that shook the windshield in the car. She looked up and through the veil of snow, she could just discern two silhouettes high overhead.



One was black. Eileen felt a little thrum of heat caress her skin, a familiar sizzle of desire and understood intuitively how she could find Erik.

She’d follow the heat.

And whether he wanted to see her or not, he’d defend her. She trusted him to do that.
Eileen chose a road that seemed to head toward Erik and took the turn fast. She glanced in the rear view mirror in time to see Sigmund follow, then change shape.
He breathed fire, his dragon form a gorgeous blend of dark green and silver. He looked like a piece of jewellery, a Mayan treasure maybe.

She’d assume that he got his dragon good looks from his father.

The warmth on her skin was growing - if nothing else, she was heading in the right direction. Eileen pushed the accelerator a little harder and hoped she reached Erik in time.

As if he’d heard that thought, Sigmund breathed fire at the little car. All Eileen could see was a curtain of orange flames, licking and flowing over the vehicle, heating the metal to a sizzle. She yelped and put the gas pedal flat on the floor.

Nothing could be worse than being fried alive.

©2009 Claire Delacroix, Inc.

This has been an excerpt from Kiss Of Fate
February 3, 2009
NAL Eclipse
ISBN# 978-0-451-22616-7
Deborah Cooke has always preferred romances with happy endings. She sold her first medieval romance, ROMANCE OF THE ROSE, in 1992, which was published under the name Claire Delacroix
( She has also written time travels and contemporary romances under the name Claire Cross ( Currently, she writes dragon shape shifter romances as Deborah Cooke (, and fallen angel future-set urban fantasy romances as Claire Delacroix. She lives in Canada with her husband - and yes, she answers to pretty much anything.

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