Saturday, October 4, 2008

October - a month of contrasts

I love October - the leaves are changing, thanksgiving - for those of us north of the border - is at hand, and then we have halloween.

Yep, Thanksgiving is in less than two weeks - our Turkey day! as we've pegged it. Baking sugar cookies shaped like leaves, and mashing potatoes. Dressing, and all the trimings - what's not to love?

Then in a few weeks we have All's Hallow Eve - the celebration of the winter solstice. And a day when kids get to dress up and go out trick or treating. Ooh the fun!

Growing up, we girls weren't allowed to go trick or treating so I never really understood the logic behind it. Now I do, when I dress my son up and go from door to door and see people's expressions as they look at this little boy in a costume. Of course half the time folks don't understand him - but that's okay, they don't need to.

I've also started to really develop a fondness for the ghosts and goblins aspects of the season. Researching different traditions associated with the night I've picked up trivia tidbits that would make my head spin. This time of year also lets me expand on my writing.

Using the influence and inspiration of the Hallo's eve, I'm looking at trying my hand at a ghost/goblin/shape shifter story.