Wednesday, October 1, 2008

It's the first of October and from what I've heard we are all going to write with a scary or spooky theme this month...I'm fine if others want to do that. However, I don't like scary things. I don't like anything that can vaguely be labelled scary. And, as sad as it is, Halloween is my least favorite holiday.

For me to write a blog, my first blog, on something spooky isn't realistic. I did write a Halloween book for Champagne Books and guess what, my heroine didn't like Halloween either. "Ghoulish Love" was a fun book to write because I could add all my fears and neuroses into the story.
For me every day like contains things that make me nervous. Having a police officer in the family, I worry about his safety every day. The stories I hear about the crime in the city and the blatant disregard for others shock me and make me wonder how long it will take those traits to reach people in my town.
Watching the nightly news, we hear about fires, natural disasters, murders and the desperate situation our economy is in. As authors we don't need to write horror novels, we only need to look around our everyday life.
As an author, I know that I don't write anything that I might scare myself with. I want people to pick up my novels as an escape from the reality of everyday life. Hopefully readers will laugh, cry and lose themselves in the story. I think all authors hope this.
I keep a quote from my fellow Maine author Stephen King next to my desk. It sums up how I want people to feel about my books. He said, "I don't want to just mess with your head. I want to mess with your life. I want you to miss appointments, burn dinner, skip your homework. I want you to tell your wife to take that moonlight stroll on the beach at Waikiki with the resort tennis pro while you read a few more chapters."
Isn't it odd that a romantic comedy writer and a horror genius can have similar philosophies and common goals for our readers? I think it is.
For the rest of the month my fellow authors will have to delight you with ghost stories and chilling tales to make your skin crawl. I will be doing my best to ignore the Halloween hype. How do you feel about the impending holiday?
Michelle Libby