Tuesday, October 7, 2008


My absolute favorite holiday of all time! To keep in line with the theme I’ll share this little tale with you. When we lived in Wisconsin I worked for Fashion Bug—for those who are unfamiliar with it, it’s a nice little string of shops that sells women’s clothes. And no, I never brought home a paycheck—I also worked for the local fire department as an EMT.

Anyway. One night I was working as the manager on duty. That night my husband, my children and I were to attend a Christmas party at some friend’s home.

All day I had a sense of dread. The later it got, the worse my feeling became. When we were getting ready to close one of my girls noticed that there was a car out front. It wasn’t anyone picking up an employee. The men in the car were just sitting there.

My feeling of dread was making it hard to concentrate or even breath. I walked to the front of the store, checked the lock and with the phone in my hand I faced the men. Someone climbed into the vehicle and they all drove away. They did not return.

I finished closing, took the deposit and dropped it off then walked my girl to her car. My husband was there so he kept an eye on us. I climbed into the truck and off we headed for the party.

The feeling increased with every minute. I told my husband that something horrible was going to happen. I just knew it. I was so sick to my stomach I had to have him pull over so I could try to cool down. He questioned my feelings but felt we could go ahead to the party, if I wanted to.

My kids were upset at the thought of not getting to see their friends or play with the iguanas so I said to go on.

We arrived and on shaking legs I went inside. I headed downstairs to the bar and got a spiced cider. With shaking hands I drank down the concoction in an attempt to relax. Suddenly I felt completely ill. Just at that moment a blood curdling scream came from upstairs.

I hit the steps running. I recognized my little girl’s voice. I passed some of the kids running down to get us for help.

My daughter had been running and playing with her little friends when she fell and she hit a glass top coffee table. She hit it just right and the entire thing shattered all around her. The blood made me nearly pass out. Here I was an EMT and I couldn’t get to my daughter. I was shaking and crying, ready to fall down.

The men pushed past me and carried her to the bathroom where they washed her down. They still wouldn’t let me near her. It was a stunning miracle that most of her cuts were more like scratches. There were some deeper cuts in her hands, but even they weren’t deep enough to require stitches.

After they cleaned her up and got rid of the blood I grabbed her close and rocked her. She had stopped crying and wanted to go back and play! I couldn’t believe it! It had looked so horrible but yet she was actually fine.

I still wanted to leave but between her, my DH and my DS, as well as our friends I agreed to stay for a little while longer.

My horrible feeling had disappeared. It just freaked me out that I had “known” something horrible was going to happen. I’ve always listened to my “intuition” but this was one time I ignored it. I paid, my daughter, paid for it.

Today she’s still got tiny little scared on the heel of her palm but they basically disappeared over time. She’s not the worse for wear to be sure. I did learn one thing from the event—NEVER, EVER ignore that feeling.