Friday, October 3, 2008

Halloween Trivia by Angela Ashton

Thought I'd share some interesting trivia about Halloween I found.

Did you know...

* The first "Jack-O-Lanterns" were not pumpkins - they were hollowed-out turnips and originated in Ireland.

* The Salem Witch trials of 1692 are known for burning so-called witches at the stake. In truth, not one of the accused died by burning; most were put to death by hanging. One unfortunate man was “pressed” to death and several died in prison of natural causes.

* One of the "most filmed" movie characters (if not the most filmed) is Dracula.

* The next full moon on Halloween night will be October 31, 2020

*48 percent of us believe in ghosts.

*Twenty-two percent of Americans say they’ve seen or felt a ghost.

* Many historic events have happened on Halloween Day – such as:

834: The first Halloween (All Hallows Eve) is celebrated
1876: A cyclone hits Bengal, killing about 200,000
1918: Spanish flu kills 21,000 people in the U.S. in one week
1922: Mussolini becomes the Premier of Italy
1926: Harry Houdini dies in Detroit
1941: Mount Rushmore is completed
1952:The first thermonuclear bomb was detonated in The Marshall Islands
1968: President Johnson issued a “cease all bombing” order in North Vietnam

Hope everyone has a safe and Happy Halloween.
Until next time,

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