Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Why I can't write!

The only thing this has to do with writing is – I can’t! For anyone who has adopted a new pet, you might understand my problem. We kinda inherited our first cat when he was three years old. However, when our son found this tiny ball of fur, starving and deserted by his mother and siblings, in the storeroom where he works, he brought him home, and of course, being the romantic sucker I am, we took him. Now, I can’t write.

Why? You ask. Simple. This little bundle of black fur has
decided he likes me and especially my keyboard. He also likes to be petted and sets up a howl if you don’t stop everything and start petting the little thing.

He also seems to love the monitor. After a violent struggle trying to get him off the computer desk, he usually manages to duck and run before he bounces back and sits in front of the monitor screen blocking my words. Okay, I could have given him to our humane society, but what if someone else didn’t want the little one.

Our original cat is huge and needs the exercise he gets chasing the new kitten around the house. Yes, he is entertained; he now has a buddy, but he also likes to be petted and when the kitten demands attention so does the big guy. Consequently, I have to pet both cats, the kitten, then the cat, and on and on. I’m not getting any writing done.

The new kitten has also managed to bounce on the delete key for my keyboard more than once. He hit the off button for the satellite dish. That eliminated the TV, causing my poor husband endless amounts of trouble. And when he’s in trouble, he insists I stay at his side, while he programmed everything – once again.

I was under the impression cats sleep at lot, but the new addition to our household doesn’t sleep at night. Nope, he sleeps in late afternoon, with occasional cat naps during the day. That presents another problem. By bed time – he’s ready to play. He’s also discovered that he can jump onto our bed and feet covered with a blanket make great toys. Ever try to sleep with a two or three pound bundle jumping all over your feet. That means, I don’t get my full night’s sleep, so during the day I’m dragging.

I can only hope this little guy won’t be a typical kitten for much longer. I really want to write. I’ve posted pictures of both cats on my web page. Take a look. www.AllisonKnight.com They are posted under 'New Kitten'.

Allison Knight