Thursday, September 11, 2008

September Writing Prompt

Is your muse on holiday?
Well, every month, I'll post a photo to entice her back.
Share your story starter in the comments
Or, if you're shy, keep them to yourself.

I'll start…


Betty hurried, head down, along the sidewalk, the streetlights throwing spooky shadows on the concrete. Why was she bothering to go home? It was well past ten o'clock. The laptop tucked in her tote held at least three hours of number crunching that, according to her boss, had to be done for the board meeting tomorrow. She might as well sleep at the office.

A blast of light punctured her gloomy thoughts. Betty looked up. A lady stood in front of her, wings of fire protruding from her back.

What the…

"I am Sól, goddess of the sun," a voice boomed.

A crazy person. She didn't have time for this. "Nice to meet you. I'm Betty, underpaid wage slave."

A finger pointed at her. Flames licked around the extended hand. This crazy person had some spectacular special effects. "I have a quest for you, Betty, underpaid wage slave."

Great, that was all she needed. More work.


Surely, you can do better than that!


Kimber Chin's first novel Breach Of Trust is now available from Champagne Books. Every week, she shares a new short story with readers.