Thursday, August 28, 2008

Unbelievable things that really happen

I love hearing stories of folks that encounter unbelievable thing, acts of coincidence that if we put into our books would be labeled unrealistic. So - thought I'd share one that's not so unbelievable but fun none-the-less.

When I first met my husband, he drove a beat-up red Chevy pick-up. He was quite proud of it because he'd never paid for the thing. It was vintage 1977 and his father had owned it first, drivin' it until it was no longer drivable. That's when he gave it to my husband, Bill with the stipulation that if Bill could get it running, the truck would be his. Bill loves those kinds of challenges so within weeks, he had that old truck running. We dated in that truck, took it across state to see his folks and discussed getting married in that tattered vehicle.

A year after we were married, we decided we needed better transportation and sold the Chevy. It was a sad day, but ....

Three years later, we moved into the home we now live in, and proceeded to meet and greet the neighbors. Of course, Bill glances over at one of the houses across the street and became very excited. There, in the drive was our old '77 Chevy truck. After becoming fairly good friends with the folks, he told them that if they ever wanted to get rid of the truck, give him a holler and he'd make them an offer.

I swear it wasn't a week later that the Missus marched over to our house with a set of keys. "I'm tired of it dripping oil in my drive. The old man won't fix it. If you can get it out of my drive, that truck is yours and you don't have to pay me a thing."

Yep, Bill was given that old truck not once, but twice without paying for it. Too funny. A year afterwards, I made him sell his two-seater convertible because there wasn't room for both kids and sometimes I needed him to pick up the kids. The truck wouldn't work for that chore because it was only a single cab and not trustworthy when it came to child seats. Unfortunately, Bill still had convertible fever so what else can one do -- but cut the top out of the old red pick-up. Silly man. He put in a roll bar for safety and we enjoyed the heck out of the old red truck.

Alas, we finally had to depart with the vehicle and of course, there was no way we were going to sell it so, we donated it to a local ranch for orphans. It made the perfect cow feeding truck.

So, do you have a story that most would find unbelievable?


Big Mike said...

What a terrific story GG. I have a piggy back one with my wife and I and our special necking place. You give me permission, and I'll piggyback off your post next time, of course you can't tell my wife, she's more private then me.

BTW - does "dating" relate to "necking. Bucket seats and a gear shift can be uncomfortable, as I recall (g).

Big Mike

Ciara Gold said...

ROFL. You have my blessings. As for dating and necking, mums the word. A girl has to have some secrets.