Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Right Setting by Angela Ashton

Scotland, for me, has got to be one of the most romantic places in the world for a back drop.
The setting of a novel is the quiet ambiance of the storyline. The Old West, New Orleans, The Caribbean all give us a feel for the book.
Can you imagine Hogwarts in the Bahamas? Or a European Clint Eastwood movie?
My 3rd Champagne release, Corsair Cove, was just released August 1 in e-book. Mostly tropical due to the pirate theme, it also takes place in 18th century France. Champagne Books has taken to only publishing excerpts, so I thought I'd share a little more about the book:

Pirate turned Privateer, Jacque Cherif LaFleur awakens on a beach only to discover he's washed in with the tide...200 years after he's presumed dead. His only possessions are his Letters of Marque, signed by the King of France himself, and a rare ruby. With the police quirking a suspicious brow and history mocking him with its fallacies, Jacque enlist the aid of the rescue angel that has taken him under her wings. As vengeance fuels his quest, Jacque sets out to right the wrongs of his past. And just maybe, the King's coveted diamond, also reported missing that infamous day, was still where he'd hidden it, on the Island of Guadeloupe...

The death of her beloved father has left Esa Keats devastated by his betrayal. He's willed the family business to a complete stranger. Desperate to flee the chaos that has become her life, as well as her fiancé, Esa escapes to the Florida Keys. Absorbed in her own misery, she is oblivious to the bulk sprawled along the shoreline. Until she stumbles over it. To her surprise, the bulk is none other than a man dressed in 18th century pirate garb. The annual "Pirate Festival" is in full swing, therefore, she believes him to be victimized by a bottle of rum. That is, until he pulls her into his arms and brands her with his kiss. As Esa embarks on a quest with the eccentric renegade that promises far more than buried treasure, she finds herself thrown back to the 18th century...and straight into the hands of the corsair's treacherous crew.
Until next time, happy reading!
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