Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hereeeeeeeeeeeeeee's DONI!

Well, sort of. I'm a little off. More so than usual. Back on July 25th I had a very VERY nasty accident. I still don't recall many details of the event but my dad and my best friend were there and they've managed to fill me in on the details. From their accounts all I can say is, I almost wasn't--here, that is.

Now I'm dealing with damaged muscles and tissues, torn this, ripped that. In an amazing stroke I didn't break a single bone. But, as the doctors so ghoulishly predicted, I'd rather I had. Breaks are fairly clean and can mend fairly easily. Rips, tears, not so much. And after a several hours long emergency hospital visit last night, I'm not much closer to healing than I was. Being down has put all my creativity in the back ground.

When I realized that it was my day to blog I was a little upset. I was afraid of letting down my fellow authors and even worse, of letting down our readers. I struggled with something to blog about. I apologize for having nothing worthy of note to share. I hope next time will be better!

I hope you're all enjoying what's left of the summer and your all healthy, happy and keeping cool!

See you all in a few weeks.



Maryann Miller said...

Doni, I am amazed that you felt okay enough to even blog as much as you did. I know about those nasty tears and rips. OUCH!!! Take care and hope you are back to writing soon.

I came across this blog in a round-about way starting with Ginger Simpson's Synoptic Storm. What fun to follow the thread of blog titles. I liked The Writer's Vinyard, and was hoping for a glass of bubbly. :-)

Take care,

Big Mike said...

Hey girl, you were here. That's what matters. Is the next post going to be a "before" and "after" picture? From the description of the accident, I don't know if my old weak heart could take it. All of us are thinking of ya, and glad you're still here with us. God speed.

Big MIke