Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dreaming Of My Romance Novel And Heroes Named Fred

I always dream of my romance novels before I write them. I watch the action in my mind, behind closed eyes, and then write it down. That sounds easy, of course, but finding the right words to capture the action, the passion is challenging.

Lately, however, I have a new benchmark for my romance novels. If I dream of the novel, if I'm that excited about it, AFTER I write it, after I've completed the numerous drafts and edits and other juicy stuff, I regard that romance novel as being solid and reader worthy.

Why is being reader worthy important?

Because while I may write for myself, I publish for the reader. If I'm not excited about the novel, why would the reader be?

I recently finished up the sequel to Selling Forever, my novella to be released July 2009. I dreamt about the two characters, Kaylin and Fred, in that sequel. Yep, I named my hero Fred. The name is not romantic but that's what I love about it. I love finding the romantic in the unexpected.

Likely why I'm writing a novel with a garbage man hero. When I say my hero stinks, I mean it. Literally.


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Ciara Gold said...

Oh what fun. I tend to name my heroes with names that have a strong sound to them, but I like this idea. May have to visit it for the next novel. Yep, lot's of food for thought.

Margaret Moore said...

What's not to love about a guy named Fred? :-)

I hear ya on the enthusiasm, too. If I didn't love my characters, I couldn't handle all the work that goes into writing their stories, whatever their names may be.