Monday, August 11, 2008


Many times an author can become so fixated with her characters and plot she flounders in her attempts to draw the most from them... who should dominate a particular scene, in what direction should the plot go, and the list goes on. When decisions cause undue stress, or more importantly, take the joy from writing, it’s time to call in the brainstorm troopers.
Brainstorm Troopers... No qualifications needed other than to provide a fresh view of life.
Brainstorming..............Putting heads together, not for romance (though that could arise quite by accident) but for analyzing problems, suggesting alternatives, or offering support and encouragement.
Source for Troopers........Anywhere you can nab willing participants with a discerning eye. Often critiquers in the course of critiquing will bring up points that are fertile grounds for discussion. Grab on and use them.
Danger.....................Arises from many opinions, leaving the writer more muddled than before.
Cure.......................Take your time to study the generous donations sent your way and go for whatever seems workable.

I’d be interested in hearing thoughts from other writers as to the pros and cons of brainstorming. Carol McPhee:


Rose Lerma said...

OMG, Carol, brainstorming is one of my favorite things to do. When you get the right group together it can blast through any problems you're having with your ms. It's so fast paced you scoot to the edge of your seat as ideas bounce from one person to another. Blessing--definitely. Curse--maybe I've just been lucky with the handful of people I trust to brainstorm with.

Rose Lerma

linda_rettstatt said...

Carol, I find brainstorming to be energizing, whether it's my story or one of my fellow writers. And it opens up new possibilities for my story. I think brainstorming is a wonderful tool, especially if you find yourself at a crossroads and aren't sure which way to go.


Carol said...

One of these days soon I'll energize you, Linda. lol. Carol

Carol said...

Like they say, variety is spice and fresh points of v iew can be rewarding for sure. Carol