Friday, April 18, 2008

First Drafts by Angela Ashton

First drafts are the funnest part of writing the story for me! The whole creating process is like a rush of adrenaline! I usually start with an idea about what I want the book to be about, then sort of brainstorm my way through the first draft. The interesting thing is the way the characters seem to take control of the story and I'm forever surprised by the twists and turns that and things I just wouldn't have foreseen in a thorough outline.

The downside is in writing the synopsis at the end. I don't like writing them, don't know of many authors that do-grin-and learned from writing, Once A Rebel, that having something in writing beforehand is always easier to change in the end than a brief blurb.

So, I sort of compromised with the current novel I'm working on, A Question of Honor, and wrote a half to one page synopsis of the big things I want to happen in the storyline, leaving my characters the freedom to act at will, lol.
My most stubborn character to date? Jacque LaFleur, the brawny hero in my upcoming August '08 release titled Corsair Cove. I adore Jacque, but have to admit we 'butted heads' more than once, lol. Of course, he won the battle in the end!...(Funny, when I tried to move the story in a different direction--it wouldn't go anywhere! The wind had left my sails, so to speak. *snicker* )

The first, second and even the third drafts are fun for's the rest of the editing process and the synopsis that send me reaching for the Migraine medicine!

Until next time, happy reading/writing!


Amulet of Fate
Once A Rebel
Corsair Cove (August '08)


Big Mike said...

I find the synposis much harder than writing the story itself. Trying to capture the core, the essence of a story in one page, boy that's a bear. I would same I rewrite the synopsis at least ten to 12 times.

Big Mike

Allison Knight said...

I don't find a synopsis hard. I hate them! From twenty pages to two or three. Impossible. No wonder my hair is turning gray.

Kimber Chin said...

Being a plotter, I find it easier to write a synopsis before I write than after. After, I'm swamped with all the nitty gritty details and want to stuff them all in (prove how "clever" I am).