Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Seasonal Writer

I have two speeds, off and on. When I’m on a project, whether it is writing or launching a new product, I’m on it. Blinders on. Focusing on that task and that task alone.

That’s why I’m a seasonal writer.

For 8 months out of the year, I play in the business world. I LOVE it. I’m a business gal to my soul.

For 4 months out of a year, the slow summer, I write. I LOVE that also (can you tell that I’m a Gemini?). I wear my daytime pj’s and live full time in my fantasy world. I also get my drafts up to edit level. Have to because by the end of the summer, I need to send them off to my pre-editor (I plot and edit all year round).

It sounds like paradise but not everyone can handle it. A writer buddy of mine NEEDS the craziness of her day job. It inspires her. Other writers NEED to write full time, year round or at least that’s the financial goal. They have no passion at all for a non-writing job.

Me, I’m a seasonal writer and usually it works out well….

Except for the shoulder months. Like now. When I’m winding up a contract gig and starting to think about the next novel. I get anxious. I get excited. I can’t wait. It is torture, this ending, this waiting.

I feel the same about the writing towards the end of the summer. Working on that third or fourth draft, I can’t wait to be done. I count the days to getting back to the business world.

What is your preferred writing schedule? If you’re a reader (and all writers are also readers), do you see a seasonal swing in your reading tastes and consumption?


Kimber Chin's first novel Breach Of Trust is launching May 2008. That is not helping with her shoulder season craziness.