Saturday, March 22, 2008

Research, Research, Research! by Angela Ashton

I love reading and writing Historicals and Time-travel novels. Half the fun is in the research. In order to bring a good historical to life, you really have to give the reader a good picture of the times...what foods were popular? How did they cook them? Where did people live? Politics? Fashion? Speech? ...and more. In writing time travel, you have twice the fun in the search!
It takes some time and dedication, but if done right, the end result shines like a pirates doubloon.

The first novel I ever attempted was Amulet of Fate. It takes place in present day and 14th century Scotland and was SO much fun to write that I couldn't stop with just one novel. Once a Rebel (Book 1 in the Orphan Train series) is just post Civil War and easily the fastest novel I ever wrote and researched (6 weeks). Corsair Cove, coming in August of '08, is set in present day and 18th century.
I'm fine-tuning a novel called Adrian's Angel, set in present day and 1692 Salem...I got so wrapped up in the research for this book that I wasn't exactly sure how I wanted to end the night I woke up around 1:30 and had dreamed the entire, perfect ending! Complete with a twist!! (I LOVE when my characters take over!) ...also working on titles called Egyptian Cotton, set in present and ancient Egypt, A Question of Honor, Scottish historical; Spirit of the Djinn (book 1) present day with flashes to King Solomon's days as well as the Djinni realm, and Gift of the Djinn (book 2), and a series of Time-travel Vampire chronicles, just to name a few.

My research often leads to ideas for other stories and I have to say, it's like magic when that happens and I want to write the new story NOW! LOL

Until next time, happy reading...and research!