Friday, March 21, 2008

An Interview With Carol McPhee

Something About That Lady Undercover Trouble Alaskan Magic

I took the opportunity to sit down recently with Carol McPhee, author of Undercover Trouble, Alaskan Magic and, her latest release, Something About That Lady.

What is it about your new release, Something About A Lady, that gets you excited?

Something About That Lady was my first novel published back in 2004. Through publishing with Champagne Books last month it has been revived and improved and there is hope of getting it to a wider audience. Most important is that Jed Cameron is my favorite hero of the dozen or so I've written. The stronger the alpha male characteristics, the farther the hero has to fall to meet the heroine's expectations. Brie Beaumont has issues of her own and after suffering years of degradation she's not about to let a Rocky Mountain rancher stop her healing process.

I see that many of your heroines are older. What makes the older heroine special?

To me an older heroine has a wealth of experiences a writer can use. Older women are generally more secure to start with, wiser in decision-making and more established in her own body, which in itself provides lots of humor and sympathy.

You're a dietitian. How does that training help/hurt with writing?

My dietetic training helps tremendously with hospital stories. Be Still, My Heart! had more of me in it than in any of my other works because a dietitian was the heroine dealing with an autocratic cardiac surgeon. None So Blind also dealt with hospital scenes when the heroine became blind. I'm currently writing a story that starts off in a hospital as well.

Why romance rather than a non-fiction book on nutrition?

Where's the adventure, challenge and thrill in learning about nutrition, something we should all know? Writing romance offers the world to the imagination of a writer. Lol.

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