Monday, March 3, 2008

An A-HA Moment

Many years ago I read an interview with Jude Deveraux, one of my favorite historical romance authors. Don't remember what the exact question was but in her reply was a statement I found strange. Jude stated that she'd had to scrap a story she was working on because the hero and heroine just didn't like each other. And that was after writing the first 100 pages!

I wondered how that could be when she created them so why couldn't she just make them like each other. After all, they're not real.

Several years later when a story I was working on was making me question my ability as a writer, I remembered Jude's interview and had that A-HA moment. I finally understood what she meant, and what was wrong with my story. My hero and heroine didn't like each other either, which meant there would be no happily-ever-after. Which meant it was not a romance. So after more than a hundred pages and hours and hours of research, I gave up on it. It's a decision I don't regret. Those characters are patiently waiting in the back of my brain for the right story and the right partners to materialize.

Rose Lerma


Chumplet said...

Of course, you could make it NOT a romance!

Rose Lerma said...

Nah! It's not just the happy ending, it's the journey to get there.